The Shopify store loyalty solution

Help re-wild the earth. Support small businesses. Experience a true customer connection.

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Pay as you grow 

Our pricing model means that if we aren't generating loyalty sales for your business, you don't pay a thing.  

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We help you bring customers back, again and again

Turning one-time or sporadic customers into frequent repeat customers by just 5% more, can increase your revenue by between 25-95%.

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So that your business grows exponentially.

See results in a matter of weeks, and keep tweaking your rewards, until every customer cannot resist coming back to you regularly.

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With an effective, and simple loyalty program.

World class web design and rewards that genuinely enthuse customers, results in a Shopify application that is easy to use, for you and your customers.

Custom branded to your store


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Businesses growing with ShopHub

Our loyalty platform helps brands like these capture new customers and retain existing ones to increase sales and in turn, profit.


And optimised for Mobile

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Customer Showcase

An opportunity to show off our favourite customer designs, all done in a matter of minutes by store owners.

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