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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Find the answers to frequently asked questions about ShopHub below! If you don't see your question here, just contact us!

  • Is ShopHub free to use?
    Yes, ShopHub is 100% free to use!
  • Where can I download ShopHub?
    You can download ShopHub here shown below!
  • Is ShopHub easy to set up for my business?
    Yes! ShopHub is simple to set up and use for every business on Shopify, watch the video below to find out!
  • Can I monitor my progress with ShopHub?
    Yes, with ShopHub's detailed analytics you are able to gain insight on which rewards are most effective and which could with altering.
  • How customisable is ShopHub's widget?
    The ShopHub widget can be setup and customised how you like, you can enhance your store by choosing colours that complement your brand!
  • How do I know if I will benefit from downloading the ShopHub app?
    Use our loyalty Program Calculator to see how much ShopHub could potentially benefit the growth of your store, you can find where to access this below!
  • How do I upload an image to my banner?
    Go to your admin panel, then Design, then Widget, then select this field below
  • How do I change my widget design ?
    In your admin panel, simply select Design, then widget.
  • How do I add rewards ?
    In your admin panel, go to Loyalty Program, then select the reward you want to add. Finally, add the information about that reward, and select save!
  • Can I customise my own loyalty stamps?
    Yes! You can choose from any of our stamp options or you can upload your own.
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