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A bit about us

ShopHub is more than just a loyalty program.

We exist to empower small businesses to grow by helping them better connect with customers, as we believe the world is a better place when businesses and customers connect easily and communicate freely.

Our Story

Born from frustration

At ShopHub, we’ve walked in the shoes of a small business owner, and we know that current loyalty solutions are a minefield of confusing points solutions and complex pricing systems. Which is in fact why ShopHub was created. In 2020 our founder, Steve McCormick, grew tired of these solutions which seemed to further the disconnect between online shoppers and his business. So ShopHub set out on a mission to change this by giving businesses of all sizes the resources they need to better connect with new and existing customers. 


Our Culture

Treat every brand seriously

ShopHub has been built alongside small businesses, this influential feedback has given rise to our customer obsessed culture and desire to grow with our customers, not outgrow them. Every business is unique and customers will interact with their brand in a unique way, which is why we have designed our stamp-based loyalty solution with customers at the forefront of our thinking, all whilst ensuring our solution seamlessly fits in with the individuality of each brand. We just want to be the compassionate yet experienced business partner Steve wished he had way back when. 

Your Future

Small changes, big impact

At ShopHub, we believe that every small business can make a big difference whether it's helping out your customers or creating a positive impact within your brand community. We also know the planet is in pretty bad shape, and only getting worse, which is why ShopHub wants to give your business the resources to create a more eco-friendly company climate (pun absolutely intended). Regardless of the products you sell, our sustainable rewards enable your small business to create a community capable of making a big difference. 


Grow with us

We just want to be the understanding and experienced business partner we wished we had way back when.

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