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Set up and watch your business grow

Complete a few simple guided steps, then watch as your customers come back for more.

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Setup your ShopHub widget any way you like so that it complements your store.



Create your customer rewards that you think will most appeal to those you serve.




Monitor your progress with ShopHub analytics and see how which rewards are most effective, and which need changing.


Need design advice? We're happy to help!

Drop us a message and one of our team will help you design your best programme.

Customer Experience


The ShopHub widget fits discreetly on the bottom right of your site, and prompts customers when they have rewards to redeem.

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The widget is perfectly optimised for mobile, so for customers they may as well be using a beautiful app!

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Store Owner Experience

We haven't only made it a great experience for customers to use ShopHub, we've also made it super simple for you, the store owner.

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Grow your online store with ShopHub

Our sole mission is to help you grow!

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