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How To Shape Your Business With Brand Identity

Updated: May 18, 2022

In an increasingly competitive environment, businesses are tasked with creating original and user-friendly brand identities to attract and retain new customers. Many small business owners struggle with competition, for this reason, they don't know how to get and especially retain new customers. A great business idea only goes as far as its presentation allows it. Here at ShopHub, we believe loyalty is the key to brand success.

What Is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is the representation of your business, what first impression your business leaves when engaging with a new customer, and, to put it simply, it is how the public defines your business. All of the visible elements of your brand such as colour, design, and logo distinguish you from your competitors, that is why it is so important! Through brand identity, a business can express its distinctiveness to its target audience.

Why You Should Care

A distinct and clear brand identity can transform your business and help it stand out. Using brand identity as a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors will make customers more drawn toward your brand, which leads to increased recognition and brand awareness. Try looking at big brands, such as Apple, IKEA, and Coca-Cola, and how they incorporate brand identity as a vital part of their business strategy. Notice how each major brand is distinct and recognisable.

Designing and building your brand identity should be done strategically. Every element needs to enhance your overall presentation so that customers know when they’re interacting with your brand. Consider your marketing strategy carefully - you need to be clear and consistent about the content you're preparing and promoting across all your channels.

The Importance Of Brand Identity

You might think this all sounds too good to be true, but consider how strong brand distinction is. As everyone knows, first impressions are important, so as a business owner you need to make sure that yours packs a punch. Make sure every aspect of your business is eye-catching and engaging for new customers.

Don't forget that building a long-term strong brand identity is a marathon, not a sprint! It might take a while until you get everything right, so don't give up if you don't see results kick in immediately. Consider taking feedback from customers and making some adjustments for the future.

There are various approaches to achieving customer loyalty through content marketing, loyalty schemes, and advertising. However, using your brand identity as a foundation is a good starting point. Consider how every action you take keys to your core principles as a business.

Steps To Improving Brand Identity

Not sure where to start? No problem! Here are a few tips to help you improve your brand.

  • Research your industry! Check competitor activity and consider how you would change or improve their approach. Afterwards, make sure you know your brand positioning, meaning who is your product/service for and why is it better.

  • Your logo is the most fundamental part of your identity. It has to be simple, memorable, and unique. Notice how the most memorable brand logos are even recognisable as a silhouette.

  • Choose your colour scheme wisely. Research some basic colour theory and how certain expressive shades can align with your business. Try to avoid overused colour schemes to avoid redundancy and confusion.

  • Use customer research and feedback to reshape your brand into the best possible version of itself. Remember, your customer is key here, they’re the ones you’re trying to approach.

  • Remember that expressiveness varies depending on what platform you are using. Keep in mind how major brands conduct themselves on Twitter compared to Instagram or Linkedin.

  • Prepare a few templates to adjust in your content creation and marketing campaigns. This will save your time and you can focus on other aspects of building your brand!

  • Be aware of potential pitfalls or failed attempts. Building a successful brand is a learning process, so don't get discouraged by unsuccessful attempts.

  • Don't be impatient, Brand identity isn’t something you achieve, it’s an ongoing process. As times change, so will your business. The information portrayed by brand identity needs to acclimate and represent your core ideals.

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