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Shopify community: find the best communities to help you grow your store

Whether you're a long term owner or you've just started your Shopify store, there's always going to be questions you want to ask. Sometimes, though, these questions can only be answered by others in The Shopify Community.

But what are Shopify Communities?

Well, to put it simply, Shopify communities are here to make the life of a Shopify seller easier. They are an extra support that can offer resources to help you grow your business, and networking events where you can speak to other sellers and build your skills.

You can exchange experiences, learn practices, get advice, meet other sellers in a friendly environment and keep up with the latest Shopify news.

Shopify describe the community as as this:

'The Shopify Community provides discussion forums for merchants, partners, and experts, as well as those looking to learn more about Shopify. You can take part in business conversations, receive support for technical questions from other community members, and learn more about Shopify in general.'

You might be thinking: 'How do I get involved?' Well, The Shopify Partners Programme is a good place to start.

What is the Shopify Partners Programme?

If you want to develop your store and refer to other Shopify merchants for help, the Shopify Partners Programme can be a great help to you!

The e-commerce world is home to endless businesses - so to stand out you need to customise your store and optimise your shopping experience to make your business the best it can be.

But, this is easier said and done. Running a successful e-commerce business requires high levels of dedication, expertise and resources. It can be frustrating trying to find all the answers by yourself.

That's why Shopify has developed their Partners Programme, to help sellers integrate with third party merchants who can offer them the help and expertise they need to see their store flourish.

If you're new to owning a Shopify store, the partners programme is the best way to utilise the full Shopify ecosystem to your advantage.

There are four main categories in the Partners Programme that target different solutions and business needs:

  • Shopify Marketing

  • Shopify Designers

  • Shopify Developers

  • Affiliate Marketing

Shopify Partners allows you to do many things, wherever you fit into the Shopify ecosystem:

If you want to be a Shopify Partner you can:

  • Build or migrate stores: By setting up clients with a trusted, customisable and intuitive way to set up their businesses, you can earn a recurring revenue.

  • Solve merchant problems: Did you know, 1 in 3 Shopify merchants look to the Shopify Partners Programme at least once every 6 months.

  • Create apps: 87% of Shopify sellers say that their business relies on apps to run successfully, you can create apps to earn income and help other business owners.

  • Become an affiliate by using your voice to inspire other entrepreneurs around the world.

No matter what stage you're at with you're store, If you want to be a part of the community you can be. Wether the aim is to earn more revenue, connect with customers or just to learn!


Facebook Shopify Communities

Facebook communities are another good way to get involved with the Shopify community. Wether you want to be part of a group that handles more holistic issues, or a more specific group, like a group for drop shipping - you'll find your place in a Facebook community.

Most of these groups have rules and guidelines you have to follow. Activities like promoting your store without permission aren't permitted, so keep that in mind!

Here are a few of the communities you can get involved in:

1. The Shopify page

The main Shopify Facebook page is a public group that anyone can join. Members use it to ask questions or to discuss issues they're having with their store.

The group has over 3 million likes and 4 million followers!

You can help, or get help, from an endless amount of sellers who are happy to share advice and their personal Shopify experiences.

2. The Shopify Plus community

The Shopify Plus community is pretty much the same as the main Shopify group. The only difference is - you guessed it - it's for Shopify plus store owners.

It's a private group, that currently houses 8.7k members, so you'll need an admin to let you in.

The community have said this: "A place for merchants on Shopify Plus to network, collaborate, and share strategies & experiences. This page is owned and administered by Shopify for the exclusive benefit of Shopify Plus merchants, partners, and select industry professionals."

So, if you're a Shopify Plus member this group might be the one for you!

3. DROPIFY - Hacking Shopify Dropshipping

DROPIFY is a fast growing community page that houses over 140k members. Similar to the Shopify Plus group, it is private, so you'll have to be approved by an admin to be let in.

Like other Shopify communities, this group is a space where digital entrepreneurs can share their expertise with other sellers. The page is definitely worth visiting if you're looking for advice on dropshipping, marketing, advertising or e-commerce sales in general.

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Jun 07, 2022

Facebook groups are so helpful! They're great for marketing too.


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